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David's primary goals for PUD are low rates, investing in renewable energy, and getting seniors the energy assistance they need!

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Responsible Spending

David Chan knows how to budget and control spending. With a history as a CPA, MBA, CEO, CFO and Business Consultant for various companies, Mr. Chan was elected Fire Commissioner in 2006. All of this makes him the perfect candidate for PUD commissioner. In the PUD, David plans to stop and prevent errant spending and ensure that your money is put to work for you! His fiscal mind and frugal practices will allow for more investment in the future without increasing your utility bills. His experience is unparalleled!

Experience Governing

As your local Snohomish County Fire Commissioner for the past 12 years, David has been gaining the experience necessary to govern the PUD. David was the Chair of Fire District 1 during  the last economic recession, he slashed 40% of the Administrative Expenses without reducing any public services. Now, Fire District 1 has joined forces with the City of Lynnwood in order to become a financially strong Regional Fire Authority that serves the south county efficiently. David's ability to negotiate and compromise will stabilize the reliability and price of your utilities!

Environmentally Conscious

David has always been a friend to the environment. He witnessed the Exxon Valdez oil spill and the destruction of the pristine natural environment and understands the need to prevent future risks like this one from occurring again. We can rely on him to find innovative and green solutions for our energy use, all while keeping practicality in mind. As a PUD Commissioner, David plans to begin investing in more renewable energy sources for the future. Through financial responsibility and thorough planning, Mr. Chan will complete this goal without effecting your monthly utility rates.


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