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Update on David Chan Endorsements


David Chan Earns Endorsements from All Candidates in Primary Election

Prominent Democrats and Republicans also back effort

David Chan has earned several prominent endorsements in his bid for PUD Position 2 Commissioner recently. Each candidate from the Primary Election has endorsed his campaign. These candidate endorsements represent nearly 70% of the total votes cast in the August Primary Election.

Outgoing 24 year incumbent PUD Commissioner, Kathy Vaughn, who has guided the current PUD to be 97% carbon free and who has been a leader in pursuing a viable renewable energy policy said, “I endorse David Chan because his corporate business and elected official experience make him uniquely qualified to guide PUD in the right direction. David has a proven record of success guiding Fire District 1 through difficult times. He is the only candidate in this race who understands the complex issues facing the PUD.”

First time candidate and primary election opponent Kaili Chickering said, “David cares for the people. The environment is very important, however there are so many citizens who don't have the privilege to care about where their energy comes from. David is going to plan for a greener future while ensuring our citizens today can still afford electricity and water for their families. That is why I support David Chan.”

Maggie Mae is supporting David Chan and inviting him to the Libertarian meeting and asked the party to support him. 

All the fellow candidates supporting David Chan feel that Rebecca Wolfe does not have the necessary experience to serve as PUD commissioner. Wolfe has no corporate business or elected oversight background according to her candidate statement. “Overseeing a $600 million business is complicated,” said David Chan. “The families of Snohomish County and Camano Island need a commissioner who meets the basic qualifications for service.”

Additionally, Wolfe maintains some radical positions and represents the special interests who are funding her effort. She wants to tear down the dams and shut down nuclear power plant immediately. These power sources represent 87% of Snohomish County and Camano Island’s power supply. She has no viable plan to replace these power sources. The likely result would be higher utility bills and coal power for county residents. 

David Chan’s campaign is self funded. Rate payers are his top priority and nobody else. 

Additionally, Democratic Senator Steve Hobbs and former Snohomish Republican County Commissioner Gary Nelson both endorse David Chan. 

David has also earned the support of local mayors Jerry Smith (Mayor of Mountlake Terrace) and Bob Colinias (Mayor of Brier). Retired Fire District 1 Chief Widdis and each of the Commissioners of Fire District 1 are endorsing David Chan because of his outstanding record of public service.

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