March towards renewable energy with balance and steady hands!


The PUD is a $600+ million organization with very complex business and financial issues. I have both corporate and public board oversight experience. As Fire Commissioner, I helped turn District 1 into a financially strong Regional Fire Authority. As a business consultant, I help turn around companies. The PUD Commissioner is non-partisan. I will take politics out of the PUD by focusing on practical solutions. 

1. Service to the public is our priority. That means low utility bills and protecting the environment.

2. Stop the scandals that have plagued the PUD by eliminating no-bid contracts and restoring the PUD’s integrity.

3. Increase transparency by establishing work sessions to discuss major issues in open meetings with public input. As PUD Commissioner, I would rotate meetings to various locations across Snohomish County and Camano Island to hear local concerns and use live video broadcasts so the public can view meetings at home.

4. Protect the environment by emphasizing renewable energy and ensuring the PUD is in compliance with environmental laws.

5. Create a safe work place by encouraging innovation, diversity and collaboration.

6. Help Seniors and low-income residents by aggressively pursuing Federal and State grants to expand discounted rates.

We can no longer afford 4% rate increases year after year. Please join me and our proud, dedicated PUD employees to keep utility rates low and plan for a bight future. Please vote for David Chan.